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Thursday, November 22

BMW i8 Concept Spyder

After successful initial testing of the concept vehicle, the decision for a production vehicle was quickly made. The BMW i8 Concept Spyder is the future of the BMW vision EfficientDynamics concept and what we get is the the most efficient and innovative sports car of its time. A sneak peek of the concept car was featured in Mission Impossible 4 in which the car was driven by Tom Cruise .The car looked stunning and some of it’s concept features were shown.Its innovative plug-in hybrid concept combines the  electric drive system from the BMW i3 Concept – fitted over its front axle – with a high-performance three-cylinder combustion engine producing 164 kW/220 hp and 300 Nm (221 lb-ft) at the rear. Working together, they allow the two drive systems to work at full potential, thus delivering the performance of a sports car but at the same time fuel consumption of a small car.
Speed 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) is achieved under five seconds combined with fuel consumption in the European cycle of 2.7 litres per 100 kilometres (approx. 104 mpg imp) are figures currently beyond the capability of any vehicle powered by a combustion engine of comparable performance. With the eDrive technology and its large lithium-ion battery, which can be charged from a domestic power supply, the BMW i8 Concept Spyder can travel up to 35 kilometres (approx. 20 miles) on electric power alone. Now coming to the seating, the 4 seater offers enough space for four people making it practical for everyday use.
It has a pair of electric scooters placed under a transparent tailgate, a camera-based proactive collision warning feature, and the inside of the car can be pre-warmed on a cold morning so it's all cozy and warm when you go on a drive. 
The LifeDrive architecture of the BMW i8 Spyder delivers extreme performance and superb driving dynamics. The motor in the front axle module and combustion engine at the rear are connected by an "energy tunnel", which houses the high-voltage battery thus giving the  car a low centre of gravity and this brings with it improved dynamics.The engineering behind the weight is incredible. The positioning of the electric motor and engine over their respective axles and the space-saving and well-balanced packaging of all components results in a optimal 50/50 weight distribution.


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