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Sunday, December 9

BMW M3 (Convertible and Sedan)


The BMW 3 Series has long been regarded as the benchmark compact sport coupe. the letter M stands for the company's Motorsports performance division.Since its launch in 1986, the BMW M3 has earned recognition  from it’s owners, reviewers and even it’s competitors.As per Driving is considered it offers long distance comfort as well as the everyday riding pleasure.
The 2013 model marks the closing of a chapter in the car’s history. The current model, launched in 2008, comes with a  4.0-liter V-8, rated at 414 horsepower and that is simply wonderful. In the currently available Coupe and Convertible variants comes a engine that sounds as good as it feels when you hop on the accelerator. This engine goes away in 2014, replaced by a more fuel-efficient turbocharged six-cylinder.
The coupe can sprint from 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds, while the Convertible takes almost six seconds to reach the same speed. Either car is available with a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch M-DCT gearbox, which is a great  for those who love to drive but also have to face traffic on their daily route.
The M3 has added up a few pounds but handling remains excellent. The suspension  delivers a firm and a comfortable ride.The steering lacks some of the feel of earlier M3 variants, but it’s still very good and  allows for precise positioning. Brakes are another strong point, delivering excellent pedal feel and returning impressively short stopping distances.
M3s also get specific hardware upgrades such as more powerful brakes, stiffer suspension tuning and a specialized limited-slip rear differential.As expected a full range of airbags is standard, as is electronic stability control, traction control and rollover hoops in convertible models.A new-generation M3 comes in 2013 with a smaller-capacity (six-cylinder) engine with turbochargers.So the current BMW M3 is one of the last opportunities to own one of these legendary cars powered by a normally aspirated engine.BMW hasn’t replaced the E46 CSL,  the current M3 considerably quicker than the six-cylinder CSL.
The Coupe sits low to the ground on a set of  19-inch M light-alloys designed to allow maximum airflow around the brake rotors, and one of several features included in the Competition Package.The super light carbon-fibre roof, which was a key feature of the CSL, is now standard fitment on this fourth-generation E92 M3. It effectively lowers the centre of gravity and shaves five kilos off the weight of the car.
Apart from the side skirts, front apron and split rear diffuser, the overall body panels are clean and uncluttered, but  the characteristic gills on the front side panels of the M3 remain the same which signify that it belongs to the ‘M’ family.
 The special ‘M’ plate on the door sills either, or the embossed ‘M’ in the hand stitched M sport leather steering wheel gives it a fine lookThis is what an M3 is all about, all the right equipment for exceptional driver control.The interior trim isn’t  fancy, but it’s practical and uncluttered. There is no lack of comforts in the M3; this is the best you can get in this price range. The Adaptive Bi-Xenon headlights, Comfort Access System, Park Distance Control , High Beam Assist with auto rain sensors, as well as all the latest iDrive system , which is very easy to operate and thoroughly intuitive.While Bluetooth phone connectivity is standard on the M3. Bluetooth streaming for music is not yet available on the M3. However, there is a USB interface for iPhone/MP3 connection For such a focused performance machine, the M3 offers an inordinate level of practicality far greater than the likes of Porsche’s 911 coupe. There’s plenty room for two adults in the individualised rear seats, and there is a  good deal of legroom.
Press the Start button and the four-litre V8 fires up  before settling down to a more subdued engine note. Push the accelerator and you’ll find the mighty 4.0-litre V8  spinning out  8300rpm.
Standard fit on the M3 is a six-speed manual box. More importantly, the M double-clutch option will get you from 0-100km/h in a blistering 4.6 seconds, down from 4.8 seconds for the manual.
Up ahead, there’s some clear road so  flick the miniature ‘M’ shifter to the right, engaging manual mode, and drop the throttle for a taste of what this engine has to offer. It’s not just the sound of that V8 winding up that sounds the goods; it’s more those instant race-style shifts that will have you begging for more.
There’s a reasonable level of compliance in the suspension, which provides a firm but entirely comfortable ride for passengers, and bumps are dispensed with without any harshness through the body.
At 8200rpm the gearshifts are impossibly quick, yet remarkably smooth.
There’s no such thing as body roll with an M3 either, and it doesn’t seem to matter how sharp you turn in, or how hard you push, the M3 sits bolt upright through the bends at all times.
.Driving an M3 is a special kind of experience. The starting price which is around $61,000 for the coupe or $69,000 for the convertible is what to expect with all the features and the comfort one gets riding the car.




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