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Friday, May 2

Smart Car-Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a electric five-door vehicle manufactured by Tesla Motors. It was first showcased in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a prototype and began selling in United states in June 2012.The US Environmental Protection Agency range for  Model S Performance model with  85 kWh Lithium ion battery is 425 km.It is the electric car with the greatest range available in the market. The EPA range for the model with the 60 kWh battery is 336 km.The base Model S is priced at US$70,000 with a 60 kWh battery and US$80,000 with the 85 kWh battery.
The Tesla has a layout like no other. The body holds its big lithium-ion battery in a thick flat layer. The electric motor which drives the rear wheels,  is in place of a back axle.The aluminium body gives a five-door hatchback . The Model S is a five-seat coupe.Overall the interior is spacious, and with no centre tunnel there is plenty of legroom throughout the cabin. Top speed is 120mph for the basic model and 125mph with the larger battery.The brakes feel strong and powerful, and you can adjust the level of re-generative braking felt as you lift off the throttle.Recharging the battery  takes time about an hour for every 33-34 miles of driving range from a domestic plug,  you can also fit twin chargers to double the rate.

The main instrument panel is a 12.3 inches  LCD display which tells speed, power usage, charge level, estimated range and active gear. The gearbox can be set to Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive. The secondary control touchscreen is a 17 inches multi-touch panel divided into four reigions. The top line displays status symbols and provides shortcuts for Charging, Driver Profiles,Home-link,vehicle information and Bluetooth. The second line provides access to several apps including Media, Nav, Energy, Web, Camera, and Phone.
2012-14 Tesla Model S fuel economy and operating costs
EPA rated
fuel economy
EPA rated
fuel economy
EPA rated
fuel economy
Cost to drive
25 miles
Fuel Cost(1)
(15,000 mi)
Tesla Model S
(60 kWh battery)[58]
2013-1495 MPGe
(35 kWh/100 mi)
94 MPGe97 MPGe$1.05$650
Tesla Model S
(85 kWh battery)
2012–1489 MPGe
(38 kWh/100 mi)
88 MPGe
(38 kWh/100 mi)
90 MPGe
(37 kWh/100 mi)
Different models offered:
60 kW·h85 kW·h
Range230 mi (370 km)
(Tesla Motors)
208 mi (335 km)
300 mi (480 km)
(Tesla Motors)
265 mi (426 km)
Max. power225 kW (302 hp)
@ 5000-8000 rpm
270 kW (362 hp)
@ 6000-9500 rpm
310 kW (416 hp)
@ 5000-8600 rpm
Max. torque317 lb·ft (430 N·m)
@ 0-5000 rpm
325 lb·ft (440 N·m)
@ 0-5800 rpm
443 lb·ft (600 N·m)
@ 0-5100 rpm
0-60 mph
(0–97 km/h)
5.9 sec5.4 sec4.2 sec
Top speed120 mph/193 km/h125 mph/200 km/h130 mph/210 km/h


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