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Sunday, October 21

Car That Swims Underwater

sQuba is the first real submersible car in the world that can swim like a fish underwater.It can dive up into 32.8 feet below the surface of the water and can move at dignified 1.8 miles per hour.sQuba is an electric car that uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and 3 electric motors for propulsion. It is a zero-emission car as documented by the rotating license plate in the rear. It produces no exhaust emissions.Gibbs Technologies came up with Gibbs Aquada in 2004 which it been used to break speed record for crossing the English Channel by Virgin boss, Richard Branson. However,the sQuba seems to be the most exciting car on this day.To drive on the roads, the sQuba ‘relies on a stainless coil-over suspension from KW automotive and large Pirelli tires mounted on custom-made forged light-weight wheels from AEZ with 17- and 18-inch diameters.In term of safety, the sQuba has open cockpit so that people can get out easily in case of an emergency. The occupants of the car have to breathe compressed air through built-in scuba masks.


Top speed —– > 120 km/h
Acceleration 0-80 km/h —– 7.1 sec
Water speed —– > 6 km/h
Under water speed —– > 3 km/h
Dive depth —– 10 m


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