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Thursday, November 17

Apple Watch Series 2

The apple watch series 2 is a good upgrade from the previous generation apple watch.The new additions include GPS tracking,water resistance and a new dual core processor.Apps open up quickly which was a pain with the original apple watch and apps took forever to load.The watch is now useful for swimmers as it has tracking features which are specifically targeted towards swimmers and includes different swim style options which you can use while doing your work out.One interesting thing is how the watch ejects out water.While swimming the screen gets locked and when you finish your workout the screen gets unlocked and it makes a beep sound to eject out the water.Apple has introduced a new ceramic watch for the apple watch special edition and there is also a nike+ version of the watch for all those nike lovers out there.It is really coo moreover  the volt green color in the watch band and in it’s User interface really make this version stand out.Other than this everything else is the same.With the dedicated GPS in the device you no longer need to carry your iPhone when you are on a quick run.Other than this the user interface has been changed great to make navigation between apps easier and intuitive.This is what series 1 should have been.

Still the watch is far from an ideal smart watch which should include other features like ability to detect the body temperature so that it can tell you if you have fever and advice you the correct meds to take.Second an ideal watch should be able to detect the blood sugar level.This would be really helpful for people with diabetes and other too so that they can monitor their sugar levels to avoid  certain diseases.Third bringing cellular 4G connection so that  the watch can connect to the internet without the use of the phone would open a whole new array of possibilities.The apple watch series 1 now has a reduced price and the great thing is that you get the same dual core processor in series 1 which the series 2 has.This makes the watch value for money when compared with other smart watches out there.


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