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Monday, February 4

Hyundai i 20

The new Hyundai i-Gen i20 comes with the new fluidic design and is  more  stylish and more equipped than  before. The  fuel efficiency, power, in-car entertainment and safety features are excellent. There are 12 variants to choose from including the new 100PS Petrol automatic version which gives more freedom to the customers. The interiors of the car have not changed much. The car starts with a button that says “Engine Start” and this gives the feel of a sports car. Hyundai has added a new display below the odometer which tells the driver in which gear the car should be running  (Gear shift indicator). This is really helpful as it improves your driving skills and at the same time gives a better mileage. Also  the new i20 comes fitted with parking assist system which contains a reverse parking camera  and so you will not have difficulty in parking the car. One cool feature is that now the side view mirrors are electrically heated. This is not something very important but is quite useful in winters.
 The i20 Asta petrol was a well-fitted car with features that were top-of-the-line for that price. The i20 has a refreshed look that is largely appealing, especially since the previous generation had been around for a while. The new design of headlamps ,  fog lamps and a thinner grille are some of the major changes in the design.The new design changes are quite obvious but it still contains the same DNA of it’s predecessor.
Sadly  Hyundai does not offer offer the i20 Asta (O) variant in diesel. Though the i20 diesel misses out on the sunroof and additional airbags, it more than makes up with its drive. The 1.4-litre engine with a 6-speed gearbox feels a lot lighter. Once you’re used to working the gearbox to your advantage, the i20 diesel can be fun.
The mid-range is punchy, which makes driving a pleasure, especially on the highway. As long as the car stays between 2,000 and 3,500rpm, the drive feels great. The diesel engine definitely feels more apt for the i20’s size. In the city, the i20 feels nimble thanks to the light steering. Ride quality is pretty good and the suspension works away the bumps pretty well but it isn’t very enthusiastic when it comes to changing direction – the light steering doesn’t help matters. The suspension setup in the i20 is all too familiar. It has the same suspension like the Verna. At highway speeds undulations on the road makes the car feel very shaky and speeds above 120kmph are not promising , especially with that light steering. Another problem with  the suspension is the bouncy ride.It gives a mileage of 13.3kpl (city) and 16.2kpl (highway).Prices vary from 4.98 to 8.16 lakh (ex-showroom India). 
In United Knigdom Prices vary from  £9,995 to  £14,295.


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