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Sunday, September 29

iPhone 5s : Improvement Over iPhone 5

The iPhone 5s is similar in design to it’s predecessor but there is one change apple has added one new color to it’s line that is Champaign gold. The black and white colors have also been changed now the black is space gray and the white is silver.
The newest feature of the iPhone 5s is the touch id which is a finger print sensor. You can configure as many as five fingerprints. The sensor is very responsive and accurate. The sensor works on dividing fingerprints into three categories Arch, Whorl and loop. The outer surface of the sensor is made up of Safire crystal. The touch ID has been integrated in just the right place and so it is very user friendly and easy to use. The sensor is fast at the same, within just a fraction of a second you can unlock the phone. You can now use the touch ID to authorize purchases from the iTunes and app store.
The processor has been upgraded with the new Apple A7 processor which is a dual core processor. The iPhone is the first smartphone to feature a 64 bit desktop architecture. This makes the phone a bit faster. Apple has a new component that is the Motion coprocessor called M7. It’s main job is to measure motion data from the accelerometer, gyro and compass. It give better and accurate results in health and fitness apps.One more advantage of this is that it does not wake up the A7 processor for motion sensing purposes thus saving your battery.

The camera has also been improved a lot.The sensor is still 8 MP but it is now 15 % bigger and it measures 1.5 microns. The aperture has been increased to f/2.2 and all of this lets in more light. Two new features have been added in the camera that is burst mode(lets you take multiple photos at the same time buy just pressing the capture button continuously) and slow motion video which lets you captures frames at 120 frames per second at 720p.This is really cool. The flash has also been improved. Apple calls it the ‘’True Tone’’ flash. A white LED and an amber LED work to adjust the flash intensity and colour temperature, using over 1,000 unique combinations to  give  optimum flash. With every new iPhone 5s or 5c that you buy you get iWork free of cost.Lastly apple has also improved it’s iOS by releasing the new iOS 7 which has a ton of new features and is very colorful and pleasant.The iOS 7 complements the iPhone 5s.