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Monday, March 24

Samsung Galaxy S5:Discover The Future

The samsung galaxy s5 is here.Samsung showcased it at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.It comes with a few major upgrades compared to s4.Finally samsung has made the back of the phone much better by adding a soft rubber mat but samsung has a long way to go to compete with rivals in terms of design.It feels great when you hold it.Samsung has added a finger print scanner to make the mobile more secure.How could samsung stay behind when it’’s rival apple had introduced the fingerprint scanner with iPhone 5s.It is integrated into the home button.The next new feature in the built in heart beat sensor which tells you your current pulse rate.This sensor is just below the camera.The phone comes with 2GB ram and is powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5 Ghz.It is quad core processor.One cool thing about the phone is that it is water resistant and dust proof but not waterproof.So if you have the habit of spilling liquids on your phone then this phone is for you.
The s5 comes with MIMO (multiple in and multiple out) which apple had introduced for the first time in it’’s iPad Air.This gives you blazing fast wifi speed.One nice feature which comes handy is when your wifi or cellular speed is slow.The phone takes data from both the wifi as well as cellular at the same time to give you improved performance in internet speed.The camera has also been upgraded to 16 mega-pixels.Samsung has also launched the phone in copper gold too seeing the success iPhones 5s had with gold color.Lastly samsung has given touchwiz a new look by redesigning some of it’s apps.


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