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Tuesday, January 28

Macbook Pro With Retina Display(Late 2013)

The new Macbook pro with retina display is simply amazing.The retina display screen is crisp and sharp.The colors look natural and everything is portrayed with detail be it movies,photos.You can see the fine details in everything.Pixels are so small that they are not visible and what you see is seamless flow of your content.Once you get addicted to this screen there is no going back.You can sit hours on the laptop and your eyes are not strained out.When you see the screens of other pc’s or laptops you can see the individual pixels which is kind of odd.The Macbook pro retina(Late 2013) is lighter and thinner than before(2012).

Now,when it comes to performance this machine is a beast.The boot time is under 10 seconds which is unbelievable.Shutdown time is just 1 second which is great.The shut down time is comparable to turning your ipad to sleep.With the help of the new energy efficient haswell processor and os X mavericks apple has increased the battery life on a single charge to 9 hours(with wifi).Without wifi it is even better.

OS X mavericks is very smooth and plays a major role in increase of performance.OS X mavericks keeps everything in memory in compressed form that a 4 GB memory is equivalent to 6 GB.There is absolutely no lag when multiple apps are opened.The graphics on this laptop are the best when compared with others thanks to the intel iris graphics which have increased graphics performance by 90% compared to previous generation HD graphics.


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