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Tuesday, December 2

How to take Awesome Pictures with Your Smart Phone Camera


Every time when you see a great scene first thing you want to do is to capture that scene and save it for any moment, but every time it is not necessary that you have a DSLR or bog fancy camera with you. So for those of you who want to capture great scenes and memorable moments but not having good professional camera, here are some tips to capture the scene with your mobile camera.

1. Watch the Light


Taking photos indoor may not have good or enough light and the picture may be little dim, so the option you left with is use flash. But if you don’t have flash in your mobile then try to take pictures in open curtains and let the natural light help you to give good lighting effects. It really makes big difference.

2. Angles of Shot


Photography is an ART. Try to take photos from different angles. Playing with angle is really a fun. Sometimes they make an adorable shot. Make your photos different from others and there’s no harm in doing experiment with different angles. Try from front, side sometimes isometric position, they all really make fun while shooting.

3. Avoid ZOOMing


As you start zooming with your phone camera you start losing the quality of photo. When you Zoom in, the photo becomes blur it becomes pixelated and grainy and you will not get a clean photo. Instead of going for zoom, take the picture in normal shot and they go for crop. Phone camera, nowadays, have very good resolution, so while cropping it will give u the desired picture as you wanted while zooming. The alternate of zooming is to go near the object then have a closer shot.

4. Choose a Good Background


While photographing, background plays an important role. Don’t take any messy or such background which is not suitable for the subject. Also color contraction of background with subject is important. 

5. Take Photos in Abundance

Don’t always take a single shot of same posture. The same is applicable if you are taking a photo for group of people also. If you are taking a single shot then may be some are not in still position or may be some are blinking their eyes, that will make your photo blur, so try to click 9-12 photos for the same posture. One out of the abundance gives you a great photo. Taking pictures in abundance does not mean that the first shot is bad, sometimes first shot can give you the best shot.

6. Use of Photo Editing Apps


After taking photos try to use some photo editing apps as they will provide you with suitable contrast, brightness, hues, saturation etc. Also trying these tools can give you the best photo out of your imagination. Some of the photo editing apps are Hipstamatic, Camera Awesome etc. Some mobiles have their inbuilt editing apps like Motorola gives with their mobiles. 


Taking photos are fun but taking good photos gives you fun as well as satisfaction of photography. May be you are not the professional one but you can also try to take adorable and magnificent pictures using your phone camera. Photography is an art always enjoy the photography and it will gives you a good picture. 


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