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Sunday, December 14

iPhone 6:The Best Smartphone in the world for 2014.

The iPhone 6 is just amazing.The design is breathtaking.After 4 years apple has finally come back to rounded edges for the phone.When you hold it in your hands it feels perfect ,smooth and comfortable but it is a little slippery.The phone is super thin at just 6.9 mm.The screen size is now 4.7 inches up from 4 inches.
The sleep wake button is now on the right side not on the top.This has been done to improve one handed functionality.To take the one handed functionality to the next level apple has one cool feature.Just double tap the home button and the content on the upper half of the screen comes down.The phone features next generation apple A8 which is very fast.Multitasking is smooth and performance is superb.The A8 gives you high performance even with a bigger display but not at the cost of your battery.It also has a next generation M8 motion coprocessor.The display has been changed apple now calls it Retina HD.It has better color saturation with wider viewing angles.The resolution is 1334X750 which gives a little over 720 p.The camera on this phone is the best that is out there in the market.The camera comes with a new technology called focus pixels which gives the camera more information about the picture and faster autofocus.The camera takes 1080 p HD at 60 fps.Slow has been taken to whole new level now the phone supports slow mo at 240 fps.The time lapse feature gives a new life to your videos.Other features which the camera has include continuous autofocus and cinematic video stabilization.
The camera has f/2.2 aperture.The iPhone 6 has faster LTE.Wifi speeds are 3 times faster than before.One of the biggest new features the phone has Apple Pay which lets you pay with your phone just with one touch on the Touch ID.Apple uses NFC technology for Apple Pay.With apple Pay apple has revolutionized the contactless mobile payment system which the google wallet failed to do.On top of everything the new phone comes with iOS 8 which needs no introduction.With iOS 8 apple has packed so many features.Some of the main ones are quick type,continuity,family sharing,iCloud drive,health kit.



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