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Sunday, July 17

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual reality lets you be in a place which is imaginary.It's Iike there is another world out there.You think as if you are in a totally new world and it could be anything.It could be a game which you are playing or a movie which you could be watching.So how does it feel to experience virtual reality.In one world awesome.The experience gets more real.Virtual reality has huge potential.It can change many sectors,first of it being the tech sector and all the way to industries like music,movies.Imagine listing to a song with people dancing around you.The problem with virtual reality is that the gear which you have to wear is bulky and when your wear one of those gigantic goggles it looks uncool.I feel that the size of the equipment has to be reduced.It should be compact and cool.Imagine  what cellphones were like 20 years back and what they are now thanks to iPhone.A lot of companies are working on this stuff.Apple is secretly building a team and is experimenting  augmented reality.It could be for iPhone or the apple car which could be launched in the future.Facebook has already launched oculus rift.Samsung has an addon that lets you experience virtual reality with your smartphone.  


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