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Tuesday, August 27

iPhone 5(iPhone 5 specs)

The touch has also improved a lot it is more sensitive than iphone 4s.The flow when you swipe or move between pages is very smooth.iPhone 5 is 20% lighter(112 g) and 18% thinner(7.6mm) than iPhone 4s.The micro sim has been replaced by a nano sim which is 44% smaller than the micro sim.The connector has been redesigned.It is reversible and is 80% smaller than the previous generation connector.Even the camera has been improved.It has new features like panorama and dynamic low light mode and it is 25 % smaller than iPhone 4s’s camera.Now coming to the processor which is the heart of the iPhone has been made faster than before and the performance is just amazing. iPhone 5 is very fast and snappy.The new A6 chip is 2 times faster than the A5 chip.Tasks are executed fast. Launching apps, pages loading, switching through menus is very fast.The display size has been increased from 3.5 inches to 4.0 inches which is great.The back has been changed completely in terms of designing.

The back of iPhone 5 is made of anodized aluminium.It is the same material used in Apple notebooks.The surface of the iSight camera is made up of sapphire crystal.This makes the surface scratch resistant thus greatly improving your picture quality.iPhone 5 comes with LTE (4G) which is very fast.The earphones have been completely redesigned.They have been designed keeping in mind how they would fit in our ear.The sound quality is better and the fitting inside ears is fantastic.They are steardy and not at all shaky in our ears. Lastly your sound quality while you are talking is much better because apple now uses the microphones and the new noise cancelling technology helps improving the sound quality to a great extent.
iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4s -:

iPhone 5
iPhone 4s
1440 mAh
1418 mAh
Secondary Camera
1.2 MP
0.3 MP
1 GB
0.5 GB
Screen Size
4.0 inch
3.5 inch
112 g
140 g
7.6 mm
CPU clock speed
1.3 Ghz
1.0 Ghz