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Saturday, September 7

Top 5 apps for your iPhone


WhatsApp is messaging app by which you can messages videos and images to your friends and family free and stay connected with them..The app uses your mobile data plan to send messages.To chat using whatsapp both users should have whatsapp installed on their phones.The cool thing is that whatsapp goes through your contacts in your mobile and displays all the people that are using whatsapp so you can message them.It is as simple as that.

Shazam is for all the music lovers out there.If you hear a song playing near you and you like it but do not know the name of the song then you can use this app.Simply tap the shazam button and see the magic of this app.It will tell you the name of the song.
3.Sleep cycle

Sleep cycle is an app that helps you in having a good sleep and improves your sleep quality.Simply place the phone near your pillow and the accelerometer in the phone detects your sleep pattern and wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep.

itranslate helps you in communicating in different languages easily.Imagine you are in a foreign country and you do not know the native language.Simply use this app to communicate with the people around you.Tap your language button to speak in one language and the app translates it to the other language.Then the other person taps his language button and speaks.It gets translated to your language.

Textgrabber is an app that lets you grab text from a book or any other document.The app uses the phone camera to capture a photo.It then analyses the photo and portrays all the text in one place in a simple form.We can edit the text also.