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Monday, September 30

iOS 7 : The Biggest Change To iOS

With iOS 7 apple has completely redesigned the iOS interface.They have used color pellets for giving it a new set of colors. It looks elegant and classy.Each and every aspect of the OS has been given a new feel. The icons now look beautiful.When you launch an app you just zoom into the app and when you exit it just zooms out.The search has been completely changed. Now you have to swipe up to down to get the search field.The search is fast and efficient. The new wallpapers that come with the iOS 7 are simply awesome.They give you a whole new level of aesthetics. Apple has also added 3d wallpapers with parallax effect that is when you tilt your iPhone or iPad from side to side the background wallpaper moves with it.It gives a great feel.
 Another new feature is the control centre.You can access this at any time on your device just swipe from the bottom of the screen towards the up. It just pops up, you have got handy tools like Wi-Fi, flashlight, calculator, do not disturb and blutooth.You can even adjust the screen brightness. This has simplified the user experience.The notification centre has also been changed ,now you can view notification that are there for your current day as well as your missed ones.The notification and control centre can also be accessed from the lock screen. Whether it be the notification or control centre you get the translucent effect(iPhone 4s and above) when you launch them.Multitasking in iOS 7 is really great.You can now see the live activity in your apps,to remove an app just swipe up.Multiple apps can be removed at the same time.

Now you can easily share files and photos using airdrop(iPhone 5 and above) which lets you connect with multiple iOS devices hassle free.This is much better than Samsung’s NFC feature in galaxy S3 and S4 in which you have to tap the phones together. Apple has now given the option to block callers so you will not receive any calls or messages from them. The entire OS now feels live, even the clock icon on the home screen you can now see the clock ticking and it displays the current time. In the weather app the background shows animation when it is raining, cloudy or sunny. Safari too has witnessed a major change. The tabs in safari now stack up in a new way one after the other just as in mac.Safari can now remember your passwords. The music app has also seen a interface change and now apple has added iTunes radio to it where you can listen songs from different radio stations and you can also create your own customized radio station. The iTunes radio is currently available in US and Canada.iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS.


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