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Wednesday, January 1

iPad Air-This changes everything again

The iPad air is a marvelous piece of technology.This iPad is so thin that apple had to add the word ‘air’ to its name just like the macbook air.When it comes to thickness it is just 7.5 mm thick.When you hold it in your hand it is so light that you can actually experience the light weight and yet it is more powerful than the previous generation iPad.It is 28 % lighter(less than 0.5 kg) and 20% thinner than iPad 4.The bezels are now so thin that you can see your content comfortably on the new retina display screen.In simple words the Aluminium unibody design is absolutely gorgeous.
The A7 chip which comes with it has 64 bit architecture which has not been seen on any other tablet as of now.This architecture makes it future proof and delivers high performance(2X faster).The graphics performance on this device is breathtaking(2X better).Everything just seems to flow seamlessly.Playing games is so much fun that you can play all day and thanks to apple for giving the same 10 hour battery life to this product.With everything better than before and battery life being the same is hard to believe, but it is true.This is where apple shows its magic.Apple has for the first time added a motion coprocessor chip named M7.The job of this is to make the motion sensing experience better by increasing the sensitivity of accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.This also plays a major role is increasing the battery life because now the A7 chip does not need to wake up again and again and thus saves power.
The web browsing experience is great.There is absolutely no lag and no slowness.This iPad air is a beast.This has been made possible because apple has fitted two antennas instead of one and also because they have adopted the MIMO(multiple-input multiple-output) technology.The wifi is now two times faster than before.The quality of FaceTime calls have ask been improved because the iPad air has dual microphones which hears even the lightest sounds thus improving audio quality.The design of the speakers have also been changed and they are similar to iPhone 5s.The best part is apple has made its iWork and iLife apps totally free with the purchase of any new iOS device.Now you can work hassle free.


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